Italian Carnival Sweet Fritters: Crostoli… or Chiacchiere, Frappe, Sfrappole, Cenci, Galani, Grostoli, Bugie…


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AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CARNIVAL SWEET FRITTERS These are my favourite Carnival Sweet Fritters ever! Crispy but light and no greasy at all thanks to vinegar added in. I could eat them all day long! Here in Italy is not the right … Continue reading

Passatelli Pasta (comfort Italian pasta)


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AUTHENTIC PASSATELLI RECIPE – ITALIAN DUMPLINGS Passatelli (puh-ssuh-tell-e) are a real comfort pasta typical of Emilia-Romagna, Italian region. Usually eaten in cold evenings and accompanied by a genuine home-made meat and vegetable stock can be a really cure for a … Continue reading

Italian Little Pizzas (Pizzette)


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These little pizzas are children’s favourites. They are perfect for parties as a finger food, but you have to be sure to make a big batch because they run out quickly! Trust me, these little pizzas will be really a … Continue reading