Piadina Romagnola authentic Italian recipe and history about this typical Italian flatbread


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One of my all time favorite quick italian dish is Piada or Piadina Romagnola (pron. pee-uh-dee-nuh), one of the most characteristic italian flatbread, known and loved in Italy and all over the world both as a street food and a … Continue reading

Tuscan Chicken Liver Crostini


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Chicken Liver Crostini, in Italian Crostini di Fegatini (pron. cross-T-knee D fay-guh-T-knee) or Crostini Toscani (slices of toasted bread with a rich and flavourful chichen liver patè), is the most classic and traditional dish you can find in Tuscany, usually … Continue reading

Italian Carnival Sweet Fritters: Crostoli… or Chiacchiere, Frappe, Sfrappole, Cenci, Galani, Grostoli, Bugie…


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AUTHENTIC ITALIAN CARNIVAL SWEET FRITTERS These are my favourite Carnival Sweet Fritters ever! Crispy but light and no greasy at all thanks to vinegar added in. I could eat them all day long! Here in Italy is not the right … Continue reading

Mini Tuna Meatballs (Polpette di Tonno): an easy and tasty finger food


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ITALIAN MINI TUNA MEATBALLS New Year’s Eve is around the corner so, if you’re planning on doing a seafood-based party, why not making these delicious little tuna meatballs, Italian style? They are perfect as a starter or as a finger … Continue reading

Italian Little Pizzas (Pizzette)


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These little pizzas are children’s favourites. They are perfect for parties as a finger food, but you have to be sure to make a big batch because they run out quickly! Trust me, these little pizzas will be really a … Continue reading