WELCOME to Ilaria’s Perfect Recipes!

Ciao! My name is Ilaria (pron. E-l-uh-re-uh).

Why should you read this blog?

I created this blog to try to spread my passion for searching the perfect recipes for every kind of food and occasion, those that can leave you really open-mouthed, from simple to elaborate versions.

This is not just another blog about italian food but it’s the blog of the perfect home-made recipes written by a real italian resident.
(Be aware that the word “perfect” is about my taste, so it means that that particular recipe is so good till I find something better ;-))

All the recipes are in Imperial and Metric Measurements and are accompanied by Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Gas Number oven baking temperatures so it’s easy to understand.

I’d like to see if someone who has a different culinary tradition from me would also enjoy these recipes and above all raising awareness among the rest of the world that italian food served by pseudo italian restaurants or recipes written in english website are not like those you could find in Italy.
Yes, you can pick one through Google and translate it but you cannot be sure that it’s very very good. So here I am!

Recently I walked into the sourdough/mother yeast world (I’m so happy about that) and I discovered that outside Italy/Europe there are very little information about it so I write an appropriate area in the blog to get you know about this wonderful world.

You can also find a very helpful area with some tips that are mainly shortcuts or suggestions to do better your recipes.

In short, I hope this blog can teach you what I learned in a faster way than I did, avoiding mistakes and mess-ups!

How can you cooperate with me?

I’d like to know what you think about my recipes so, when you’ve tried them, please leave your valuable opinions at the end of the posts in the appropriate comments area.

If you need to ask something, please don’t write it as a comment (so we avoid people in reading unuseful long comments) but contact me by Facebook for a quicker answer or bemail.

And if you’ve found a recipe that is better than mine, please let me know!!!

So… Enjoy my blog and remember… “home-made strikes back!“.