Roman-Style Gnocchi (Gnocchi alla Romana) with Semolina Flour


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An easy Italian pasta recipe for an impressive dish that can be prepared in advance for a great dinner with guests! And, as every recipe in my blog, that’s the best Gnocchi alla Romana recipe that I know of, so … Continue reading

Milk-Braised Pork or Veal Loin with Fresh Herbs, Italian Style (Arrosto al Latte)


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This is a family favourite recipe, very simple to make but amazingly good! The meat, pork or veal, comes out very tender and, although it takes quite some time to cook (but your constant attendance is not required), the milk, … Continue reading

Béchamel Sauce (Besciamella) and my foolproof lump-free process


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Béchamel Sauce or Besciamella in italian (beh-shuh-mel-luh), is one of the mother sauces of the french and italian cuisine but it’s also known as white sauce. For someone it may be a little tricky because sometimes it turns out a … Continue reading

How to remove bitterness from Aubergines / Eggplants


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Everybody knows that aubergines/eggplants can have a bitter taste when cooked, especially those that are not so fresh. Many of you already know that to remove the bitterness you just have to cut aubergine/eggplant in pieces (as desired), put them … Continue reading

Soft and Doughy Pizza By The Slice (Italian Pizza al Taglio)


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My son doesn’t like flat pizza, so I had to learn how to make a really soft and doughy pizza like those you can find in an italian bakery (…or anywhere else). I’ve already told you that I’m a very … Continue reading