Béchamel Sauce (Besciamella) and my foolproof lump-free process


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Béchamel Sauce or Besciamella in italian (beh-shuh-mel-luh), is one of the mother sauces of the french and italian cuisine but it’s also known as white sauce. For someone it may be a little tricky because sometimes it turns out a … Continue reading

Roast Turkey: Italian tips for a moist tender and flavourful turkey


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roast turkey – moist, tender and juicy Thanksgiving is just around the corner so, why not planning to cook a delicious roast turkey the Italian way with my brine method and secret for a moist, tender and juicy turkey? Yes, … Continue reading

Roasted Potatoes Secrets – Soft Inside but Crunchy Outside (Patate Arroste)


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HOW TO COOK ROASTED POTATOES WITH ITALIAN HERBS Roasted potatoes can be very delicious if cooked perfectly, but sometimes it’s really a mess with soggy potatoes. This is due to the high amount of starch contained in them, so you … Continue reading