[Off Topic] Can you do me a favour? and why I choose to write a blog

CIAO to all of you!!!

This time I’m just asking you a little favour, so I’m sorry but this is not a recipe post! But, please, read it! 😀

Reading on Google Analytics at returning visitors I’ve discovered that people who are following this blog are so much! This is amazing!!!
First of all thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!

The reason for writing this post is that in some way I need to be in contact with you, to know something from YOU!
So, please, write me something below! You are many, I know, but I promise I will read all of your comments.
You may write something about your life, the reason why you are following me, what you expect from this blog, if you’ve tried some of my recipes, any suggestion or just an “hello” if you want to be anonymous at all!

I know, I may sound an unusual blogger, but I don’t care only about numbers, above all I care about writing good and valuable content to people all over the world, to leave free and easy accessible information about traditional food that has not be forgotten.

Being in contact with people all over the world makes me REALLY HAPPY, it worth every effort I put in these pages, because behind there are lot of researches, lot of testes to find the best perfect content for you.

If you are reading my blog from several months you may have notice that I’m an unusual blogger also because I don’t post so often, but this is due to three main reasons:

  1. job – I have a job that occupies most of my daily time and when I come back home I have a little boy who need a lot of attentions, a lot really, even if he’s just one 😉 and my sister has twins so I know the difference!
  2. contents – this blog is born on the intent of writing good recipes (actually perfect in my mind) so I need time to research them;
  3. photos – uh! Photos! Photos need time! Yes because someone invented photoshop and someone invented the way that food photography has to look like, so people are used to be attracted by good pictures (if there’s a bad photo people may think that content is not worth) and I’m not a photographer, so this needs more efforts for me, and sometimes (always) my family is in a hurry to eat the dishes so I need to be very quick on shooting! 😉

So, as you can see, this is not a normal blog, it may be described better as an online cookbook!
I like to think that this is your own authentic italian cookbook, and maybe one day I’ll write it on paper too.

So please, do me a favour, leave a trace of yourself! And if you want, you may ask a recipe you would like me to write about.

GRAZIE A TUTTI!!! (thanks to everybody!)

15 thoughts on “[Off Topic] Can you do me a favour? and why I choose to write a blog

  1. Ciao Ilaria I’m so happy to find you here. Your page came up when I googled ‘Why does my home made gnocchi keep turning out soggy?’

  2. Hello, I am writing from the Land of the Pyramids. I love Italian food, am originally from Edinburgh in Scotland, and found this blog while searching for good Italian recipe books,

  3. Hi Ilaria, I’m so happy to have found your blog!! I was looking for authentic italian recipes for sooo long! Thank you!
    Stephanie from Calgary

  4. Ciao, I’m Eliza from Santa Clarita, CA.
    Thank you for sharing with us your recipes and to explain them so well!!!
    I was able to cook an awesome Lasagna with your Ragu bolonese and Bechamel sauce recipe!
    An authentic italian blog, with easy-to-follow recipes, finally!!!

  5. Ciao Ilaria,
    sono di Milano e ti seguo da un pó! Ho provato a fare i crostini toscani e sono venuti spettacolari! Grazie!
    Una domanda, ma perchè non scrivi anche in italiano cosí capiamo meglio anche noi?

    • Ciao Gloria, sono felice che ti siano piaciuti i crostini toscani!
      Non scrivo in italiano perchè il blog è stato pensato proprio per essere in lingua inglese che io adoro, peró chissà magari un domani avró tempo di fare la sezione italiana ed accontentarvi, già diverse persone me l’han chiesto.
      Ma continua a seguirmi, Google traduttore lo hanno inventato anche per questo! 😉

      Hi Gloria, I’m happy you liked Tuscan Crostini!
      I don’t write in italian because the aim of the blog was to be in english, language that I love, but maybe one day I’ll have time to write it in italian considering that you’re not the first one to ask me that.
      Keep following me…. Google translator has been invented for that purpose too! 😉

  6. Hi, I’m Caroline from Melbourne.
    I have made your Bolognese Sauce a lot and it always works wonderfully!
    I have made this recipe 4 times now and my family and I just love it, it is easy to do and oh so easy to eat!!!

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